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Alaska Dall Sheep Hunts

Dall Sheep season is from August 10 through September 20.  R&R’s hunting area runs along the southern boundaries of Denali National Park, then south through the Revelation Mountains.

Our Dall Sheep hunts are backpack hunts.  Being very mobile and using lightweight equipment ensures better chances of success.  Even in the mildest of sheep country, hunting sheep is physically and mentally challenging.  Relocating from one area to another if necessary is not a problem and will incur no extra cost to the hunter.

R&R Hunting & Outdoor Adventures accommodates up to 10 sheep hunters per year.  Single-species Dall Sheep hunts last for 10 hunting days with a travel day on each end, totaling 12-13 days per hunt.  For hunters that put in their fully-allotted time, the success rate is between 80% and 90%. 

The cost of a Dall Sheep hunt in 2019 is $21,500 and in 2020 is $23,000 (USD).  This does not include transportation costs between Anchorage and R&R’s base camp, nor does it include license and tag fees.

This is my fourth Dall Sheep hunt with R&R Hunting & Outdoor Adventures, and I want to say it is like hunting with my own family.

R&R is well-prepared for the client’s needs by using experienced guides who have excellent knowledge of the areas and game populations, plus using top-of-the-line equipment.  Alaska's terrain is physically demanding, but very rewarding.

Back at the base camp, R&R provides a first-rate lodge with a sauna for soothing sore muscles and a great cook for meals.  I have never been disappointed in booking my hunts with R&R.

- Fred Simonton

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When booking and planning my sheep hunt with R&R Hunting & Outdoor Adventures, it was my goal that I would consider it “a trip of a lifetime” like you hear so often.  In my case, it really was.  Being in the hunting industry, I have been fortunate to hunt in 20 states and 3 foreign countries.  I’ve hunted with some great (and not-so-great) outfitters.  R&R Hunting & Outdoor Adventures was one of the top operations I have been with.  My guide was incredible and my sheep was his 140+ sheep he had guided.  In addition, my packer was as hardworking of a guy as I’ve seen.  They kept me entertained during the down times (bad weather) of the hunt and kept me motivated to climb the mountains.

The hunt itself was in some of the most beautiful but rugged land I have ever seen.  It was a classic sheep hunt and after playing high school football, it was the most physically challenging thing I have done in my life.  Not only was the sheep the reward, but the journey was just as rewarding.  I began preparing for this late August hunt in January and began my cardio and strength training in March.  I was badly out of shape and the hunt gave me the motivation to lose 20 pounds and get my legs in better shape.  The gear selection and preparation was part of the fun.  I listened to what Rob suggested and followed his gear guide.  It proved to be the way to go.  

My ultimate trophy goal on this hunt was to just kill a legal ram.  On the 6th day, I was fortunate to take a 10-year-old trophy with 14” bases and a 38 1/4” broomed-off horn that scored 162”.  While I was back at the cozy lodge regaining my fat with the incredible cooking, my hunting buddy (who referred R&R to me) waited until his 10th day to one-up me with a monster 10-year-old ram with 14 1/4” bases and a 43” horn.  The head sheep biologist for the state of Alaska couldn't believe the size of our horns when we checked them in the Anchorage office of the Alaska Fish and Game.  If you are going on a Dall Sheep hunt, I recommend getting in the best shape you can, selecting the best gear you can afford, making sure your shooting skills are honed in, and booking a hunt with the best outfitter you can find.  If you choose R&R Hunting & Outdoor Adventures, you will not be disappointed.

- Jason Hart

Rob and his guides are professional and knowledgeable and made sure my hunt was 100% successful.  Thanks to my guide for his efforts and hard work which gave me the opportunity to take a great ram.  Base camp was top-notch, and the spike camps were comfortable and well equipped.  R&R made sure I had the info I needed to bring the right gear for the hunt, and all the paperwork was in order.  My taxidermist said R&R did a beautiful job of skinning and prepping the cape for a life-size mount. Rob and his guides made sure the hunt went well from start to finish, and they never stopped working.

- Louis Blanchard

Rob Jones was highly recommended by friends who hunted with R&R in 2011.  Our plan was to hunt for Dall Sheep and, if there was time, we would chase a Moose when we came down from the mountain.  Rob provided a top mountain guide who took me into the Revelation Mountains, where on the sixth day, we took a broomed 10-year-old ram, scarred up and beautiful.  This is Alaska adventure hunting at its best: rugged and awe-inspiring mountains, camping on the glacier, all kinds of weather each day, and many beautiful Dall Sheep to glass and pursue.  This is what we dream about.  I will be hunting with R&R again.

- Tom Reisinger

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R&R guide service was recommended to me by a friend who has hunted with him a lot in the past. When a Dall Sheep trip became available, I jumped at the chance to go. It was short notice, but everything went very smooth. This is a very physical hunt, but if you are in good shape, you will be well rewarded.

The guides did an excellent job with everything. All the meals at the lodge were great as well. I would definitely recommend Rob and his crew to anyone looking for a quality sheep hunt.    

- Greg Petersen

My 2014 Dall Sheep hunt with R&R was everything I had hoped for in an Alaskan adventure... the physical challenge of steep mountains, mentally dealing with vast wilderness, and managing internal emotions & nerves while stalking to within 155 yards for a steep downhill shot was an experience overflowing with the thrill, excitement, and satisfaction many sheep hunters dream about.

Deciding to hunt with Rob Jones -- with his experience, remote location and proven track record -- stacked the odds of having a successful hunt in my favor. This planning, plus lots of physical preparedness, paid off and I was rewarded with a magnificent full-curl Ram. I will never forget the feeling of achievement as our plane gained altitude away from the gravel bar with the horns on my lap, cape between my feet, and pack full of meat behind my back. This was a hunt I had worked hard for, enjoyed every second of, and returned from with a trophy I will relish for the rest of my life.

- Bryan Long

Terry Dieren, 2018

Paul Cownie, 2018

Steve Claridge, 2018

Cheryl Horschel, 2016