Alaska Interior Grizzly Bear Hunts

R&R conducts hunts for Interior Grizzly Bears at two different times of the year.  Spring hunts start in mid-April and last through mid-May.  Bears are just emerging out of their dens and are in relatively open country for snow tracking and spot-and-stalk hunting.  This time of year can be a little chilly, so an extra layer of clothes will be required at times.  Fall hunts are spot-and-stalk in areas with good berry crops, salmon streams, and Moose hunting areas.

Single-species Interior Grizzly Bear hunts last for 14 hunting days with a travel day on each end, totaling 16-17 days per hunt.  Our success rate in recent years has been about 75% to 80%. Most of the bears have measured between 7 ½ feet and 8 feet, and some have measured up to 9 feet.

The cost of an Interior Grizzly Bear hunt in 2019 is $19,000 and in 2020 is $21,000 (USD). This does not include transportation between Anchorage and R&R’s base camp, nor does it include license and tag fees.

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I had the pleasure of Bear hunting with Rob Jones and the R&R staff in the fall of 2013. After I harvested a really nice 63 ½” Bull Moose, my guide's attention quickly shifted to helping me harvest my bear.  In no time, Rob had me moved to a different location that had a greater concentration of Grizzly Bears in the area. Rob’s expert flying skills offer hunters access to areas that do not frequently get hunted by other outfitters.  After several days of glassing, we spotted a large boar several miles away and the stalk was on.  Because of the particular terrain that we were in, it was necessary for us to get really close to get an effective shot. My guide's expert guiding skills got me within 35 yards of this beautiful Alaskan Interior Grizzly Bear.


Rob has a staff of very professional, highly-skilled pilots and registered guides.  If you get to spend any time around the lodge, you will have the opportunity to experience some great cooking and breathtaking Alaskan scenery. The camaraderie and fellowship among the other hunters and guides in camp is a lot of great fun as well.


Rob and my guide helped me achieve my Alaskan dream by guiding me to within shooting range of this really nice Interior Grizzly Bear.

- Michael Watts

Milo Fear

Spring Grizzly

Alaska Moose has been the #1 animal on my bucket list for 15 years now.  After having my second back surgery this spring at the age of 35, I decided that this was the year to do an Alaska moose hunt.  After looking at countless outfits on the internet and talking with many outfitters the past few years, I decided to book with Rob Jones. I like the fact that Rob does all his own flying and harvests very few animals from his hunting area (this was a major deciding factor for me).

We were flown into camp in early September, and from the minute we landed I realized this place was run top-notch.  I was flown out the following day and set up on a great bull, which we killed 3 days later.  Rob had packers flow in to take care of hauling all the meat out which was music to my ears because that meant I was going to try and kill a Dall Sheep!

After spending a few days in the tents it was a real treat to be flown back to base camp and have a great meal.  The lodge is very nice also.  Next morning we flew out and set up in a river bottom for sheep.  The country these animals live in is absolutely breathtaking. The first morning we woke up and had breakfast, my guide got out of the tent first and started calling my name, "Get your gun!!  Grizzly bear!!"

As I stepped out of the tent with one bullet, I spooked a beautiful grizz and shot it 68 yards from the tent. What a bonus to this already great hunt!  After taking care of the bear we spent 43 hours in the tent because of some serious fog.  On Day 7, my guide and I were moved again for Dall Sheep and set up camp late that evening with anticipation of finding a big ram the following morning.  We did close to 11-12 miles that day up and down steep mountains and around 2pm found a beautiful mature 10-year-old ram that was over a full curl and broomed off his left side.  One shot 360 yards straight downhill, and I had just taken my third animal in just eight days. 

WOW!  What a hunt!  I had a great time, my guide was great, the outfitter was great, camp was run very well.  If I hunt moose again in Alaska it will be with R&R for sure.

- Mike Munro

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