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Moose season is from September 1-20 in the area we hunt.  This area has a moderate population of Moose with very good genetics.  Since 2007, the average greatest spread has been in excess of 60 inches with several in the 65-71 inch range.  As with all R&R hunts, relocating from one spike camp to another during your Moose hunt is just part of the service we provide.  Once a Moose is taken, packers are brought in to get it out.

R&R takes no more than 8 Moose hunters per year, and they have had an 85% success rate over the last seven years.  Single-species Moose hunts last for 10 hunting days with a travel day on each end, totaling 12-13 days per hunt.

The cost of a Moose hunt in 2019 is $23,000 and in 2020 is $24,000 (USD).  This does not include transportation between Anchorage and R&R’s base camp, nor does it include license and tag fees.

I had the pleasure of hunting with R&R Hunting & Outdoor Adventures in 2011, and having not hunted in Alaska before, I can say it was a great trip!  Rob’s guides did a great job of finding and getting me on a giant moose!  My guide made the trip enjoyable and as comfortable as possible.  Rob’s flying skills are incredible and actually were a lot of fun!  I can’t wait to get back to R&R and do it again!  Hopefully next time a big Dall Sheep!



- Todd Turner

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This was my first time hunting with Rob Jones and the staff of R&R Hunting & Outdoor Adventures.  You have heard the statement “once-in-a-lifetime hunt”: that's exactly the experience R&R provides. 


I was immediately flown to my campsite where my guide had been scouting and had everything set up.  The Super Cub plane ride through the mountains was breathtaking and worth the trip in itself.  Rob has been flying most of his life and is very safety-conscious, which I greatly appreciated because I'm not a fan of flying especially in small planes.

My guide was very professional and an experienced outdoorsman.  His first question to me was, “Do you want a good moose or a great moose?”  My answer was, “Let’s get the big one!”  After several days of rain and not seeing the size moose we were looking for, we decided to move to another area.  On the 7th day of my hunt, I shot a 68” moose.  I can't explain the excitement and adrenaline I experienced.  A packer was flown in to transport the meat and cape.  All I had to do was sit back and enjoy the scenery which was unbelievable.   


I would definitely recommend this hunt.  Make sure you are in reasonably good shape if you want to go after the big one.  


Thank you to Rob and his staff for their expertise and friendship.  It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime hunt!

- Mike Phillips

I had the pleasure of Moose hunting with Rob Jones and the R&R staff in the fall of 2013.  All I can say is WOW!  What an experience.  Beginning with the very first phone conversation that I had with Rob, I knew I was in for a GREAT hunt.  Rob and my guide did not disappoint.  Rob was very thorough in our telephone conversations and took extra care to make sure that I had a recommended gear list and that I was aware of the terrain I would be hunting and the physical preparation that was needed to maximize my hunting experience.  

I flew out to Rob’s lodge in the afternoon, and that very same evening, Rob had me at my drop camp ready for opening day.  Before I arrived in camp, Rob had done all of the necessary scouting and had me in position to put a stalk on a couple of really nice bulls.

Rob has a staff of very professional, highly skilled pilots and registered guides.  If you get to spend any time around the lodge, you will have the opportunity to experience some great cooking and breathtaking Alaskan scenery. The camaraderie and fellowship among the other hunters and guides in camp is a lot of great fun as well.

Rob and my guide helped me achieve my Alaskan dream by guiding me to within shooting range of this really nice 63 ½” Bull Moose. I was also fortunate enough to harvest a beautiful Alaskan Interior Grizzly Bear as well.

- Michael Watts

After my very successful sheep hunt, we took a day of rest, and then my guide and I set out for Moose in the low country.  Flying in the backcountry with Rob is a unique experience, and Rob's piloting skill in a Super Cub is unsurpassed.  His experience and commitment to safety is apparent, and seeing the mountains and wildlife will be a lifetime memory and a big part of my trip. 

The rut was just starting and the Moose were on the move.  We saw a number of large bulls and took a very old and large moose with massive fronts; he was 62" and scored 221. Not bad for one day of moose hunting.  Breaking down a big moose is a lot of work, and Rob's guys did all of the packing which was fantastic.

R&R provided the Alaska trip that I imagined, and I am looking forward to hunting with them again.

- Tom Reisinger

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I had the good fortune to hunt with R&R Outfitters and owner Rob Jones in both 2013 and 2014.  During the 2013 season, I took a beautiful full curl Dall Sheep.  This was an unbelievable hunt. The magnitude of Alaska was overwhelming.  Days of walking riverbeds, climbing mountains, and maneuvering ledges paid off with the harvest of my Dall Sheep.

I became a repeat customer in the fall of 2014.  Rob placed me in a couple of different areas during this hunt.  This hunt was equally  successful as the previous year.  I collected a handsome Caribou and a 66'' Bull Moose.  The common factor of both hunts was the quality of the services provided by R&R Outfitters.  More importantly was the expertise of my guides, who are the epitome of outdoorsmen.  Their expertise is truly remarkable.  I hope to return again to experience all  that Alaska can offer.  If so, I will definitely do it with R&R Outfitters.

- Marco DeGiusti

Terry Dieren, 2018