Hunt Pricing & Information

R&R Hunting & Outdoor Adventures includes the following services and equipment in the prices of the hunts listed below:

  1. A licensed and experienced guide for each hunter

  2. All basic equipment for a camp

  3. All lodging and meals while in the field

  4. All transportation in the field while the hunt is being conducted

  5. Field care and transportation of trophies to Anchorage

Prices listed do NOT include:

  1. Round trip transportation from Anchorage to R&R’s base camp

  2. License and tag fees

  3. Guide gratuity

Other combinations may be available upon request.

Black Bear, Caribou, Wolf, or Wolverine may be taken incidentally or on a daily rate and trophy fee basis if time, seasons, and availability allow.

Payment Policy

To reserve a slot for a hunt, R&R Hunting & Outdoor Adventures requires a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total price of the hunt.

Cancellation Policy

If the hunter chooses, out of necessity or preference, to cancel a hunt, R&R Hunting & Outdoor Adventures will not refund any deposits.  Except under extenuating circumstances, if R&R cancels a hunt, a full refund of all deposits will be made.

Postponement Policy

If the hunter chooses, out of necessity or preference, to postpone a hunt that has already been scheduled and for which any deposit has been made, the total price of the hunt will be subject to any price increase for the year the hunt is taken, not the year the hunt is scheduled.  Postponed hunts will also be subject to a rescheduling fee of 10% of the total price of the hunt.  If R&R postpones a hunt, the hunt will be conducted on an agreed-upon date for the original price.

License and Tag Fees

R&R Hunting & Outdoor Adventures is a license and tag vendor.  You may purchase your license and tags from R&R upon your arrival at base camp.  The following is a list of 2017 tag fees for species available in R&R hunts.  Refer to the Alaska Department of Fish & Game for full information on which licenses and tags are appropriate for you. 

R&R Hunting & Outdoor Adventures

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Non-Hunter Fees

For a non-hunter to accompany a hunter on a trip, R&R charges a $275 per day fee.  This daily rate does NOT include any additional transportation costs.  For any activities the non-hunter participates in aside from the hunt, there will be additional fees.

Daily Hunt Rate

Once your contracted animals have been taken, if there is time left in your hunt and you wish to hunt for another species, the daily rate will be $900 per day.  This price does NOT include additional transportation costs.

Transportation Costs

Additional transportation costs are as follows:

  1. For Alaska Range hunts, round trip travel from Anchorage to R&R’s Big River Lodge is $1,800.

  2. Flight time in the field for non-hunters, flight-seeing, daily rate hunting, etc. will be charged at $385 per hour in the Super Cub and $550 per hour in the Cessna 206 on flights being fuled in the Anchorage area. The charge for the Cessna 206 being flown from remote areas will be $465 per hour, plus the cost of fuel.

Arrival and Departure Instructions

Plan your flight to Anchorage a minimum of two days before your hunt begins, and plan your departure from Anchorage a minimum of two days after your hunt is scheduled to end.  R&R recommends purchasing airline tickets with flexible change policies in the event of bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances that may affect your transportation to and from the field.

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Spring hunts for Interior Grizzly are hunt until harvest in May. 

Farewell Bison hunts are Spring and Fall.